Caring for Seniors and people with disabilities

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Additional Services Provided

*Some additional fees apply for additional services. This is calculated prior and based on the participant's level of need.


Sometimes or participants with dementia or other disabilities have a difficult time with bathing. Our skilled caregivers are able to assist with bathing needs while attending respite.

Medication Management

During respite our well trained staff are able to assist participants with medication needs including insulin injections if needed.

Dietary Needs

Nutritious and delicious meals are provided and prepared for all participants during respite. Assistance in eating/feeding is also available if needed.


Person centered activities are provided and directed by staff while at respite. Keeping participants engaged and moving during their day.


Open Arms Adult Care loves to go out into the community on outings we keep engaged in the community and like to try new adventures.

Incontinent Care

Incontinent care needed? NO worries we have compassionate skilled caregivers that can assist with these needs during respite care.